Web development co-pilot

Best practices and recommendations for your code


How it works

It's like a linter that looks at all project files, gives recommendations and helps to follow them. Unlike linters it won't complain about missing line breaks, but will give you high-level suggestions specific to your code, just as an expert would. For example:

Explore checklists
Best practices

Curated checklists for 100s of popular web technologies were carefully collected from countless sources, covering security, performance, documentation writing, project management, etc.

Tool recommendations

Keeping an eye on open source ecosystem and trying out new tools takes time. Co-pilot uses its knowledge base to suggest libraries and services that may help and makes it easy to get started.

Understand your problems

Co-pilot tries to detect the problems you are currently solving and show you a curated list of resources, libraries and best practices before you go on a Google journey.

Practical and relevant

You only get recommendations that look to be relevant to your project. If it can't generate a pull request with required code changes, you'll get a specific list of instructions.

Stay tuned for updates

Get notified when IDE extensions and CI/CD integrations will be released